Prepare a course Portfolio including all of your course work. Be sure your portfolio includes the following:


1.     Case Narrative Assignment


2.     Exam #1


3.     Exam #2


4.     Oral Performance Assessment Form


5.     Group Written Report (needs to be included in only one group members portfolio)


6.     Forum Response Essay


7.     Position Paper


8.     Critical Review of Position Paper


9.     Draft Final Essay


10. Critical Review of Draft Final Essay


11. Final Essay


12. Reflection Essay (see the guidelines on the next page)


IMPORTANT NOTE: When submitting one or more revised drafts of assignments, be sure to include all preliminary drafts with instructor comments, in addition to the final revised version




Throughout the semester, we have explored pathways for meaningful, effective, and ethical engagements and deliberations across differences. Our focus has been on issues related to communication ethics. Weve sought to build community in pursuit of reasoned, ethical, just, and wise decision making, and have built on our own and others assets. All of our work has been tailored to fulfill (and assess fulfillment of) the learning outcomes associated with GE Areas A2 and A3.


With this in mind, prepare a narrative reflecting upon your learning process. Be sure your narrative includes responses to the prompts below:


  What aspects of our work together (if any) did you find especially helpful?

  For you personally, what aspects of the course (if any) were especially challenging?

  Review the GE Areas A2 and A3 learning outcomes summarized on Page 1 of the syllabus. Provide a brief overview of the evidence in your portfolio demonstrating your successful fulfillment of the outcomes.

  What do you see as the strongest aspects of your course work?

  In what ways do you think you could strengthen your contributions to fulfillment of the course goals even more fully (if given the resources, time, and assistance to improve in these areas)?

  Upon reflection, which (if any) of the ideas, ethical frameworks, and communication and deliberative skills we explored this semester have you found especially useful in your daily life? Why? Be sure to provide concrete examples to illustrate.