The instructional resources on this site are designed to assist educators seeking to make effective use of Dialogue and Deliberation.


The site features an integrative, case-based applied learning pedagogical model designed to foster development of knowledge, skills, and sensibilities associated with ethical and effective communication, civic engagement, critical thinking, applied ethics, and informed, reasoned decision making. Included are sample syllabi, assignments, in-class exercises, assessment resources, and related materials.


Included on this site is a communication ethics course syllabus designed specifically for coursework in this area. The other is a more contextually “open-ended” sample syllabus, readily adaptable to a wide diversity of courses.


Among the in-class exercises and assignments provided on this site are materials designed to foster development of ethical and effective oral communication and related critical thinking abilities:


Dialogic Listening Exercise

Group Listening Exercise

Topic Selection Exercise

Exploring Issues of Deception Exercise

Group Forum Assignment

Research Contract Assignment

Forum Contract Assignment

Forum Preparation Worksheet and Exercise

Deliberative Inquiry Exercise

Deliberative Advocacy Exercise


Also included are the following exercises and assignments designed specifically to develop ethical and effective written communication and related critical thinking abilities:


Case Narrative Assignment

Collaborative Written Report Assignment

Forum Response Essay Assignment

Essay Review and Moral Discernment Exercise

Position Paper Exercise

Final Essay Assignment

Peer Review Exercise

Final Critical Review Assignment

Portfolio and Reflection Essay Assignment


Included on the site are the following assessment tools:


Criteria and Standards for Assessment of Technical Competency and Related Presentational Skills


Group Oral Performance Assessment Form


Individual Oral Performance Assessment Form


All of the assignments, exercises, and assessment tools featured on this site reflect mindfulness of the central role attentive listening plays in ethical and effective communication, critical thinking, ethical reflection and practice, civic engagement, and informed, reasoned decision making.



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