1. Work with the student next to you to identify an issue at the heart of the controversy on the topic explored in class today. Be sure that the issue you’ve selected matters to you both.


  1. Select one of you to present his or her perspective and the other to serve as a listener.  Be sure that the person listening does not interrupt at any time during this part of the sharing process.


  1. Ask the listener to present his or her understanding of the presenter’s perspective,  ending with  the question: “Is this what you were seeking to convey?”


  1. Provide time for the original presenter to answer the question and offer clarification as needed.


  1. Continue this part of the sharing process until both of you feel confident that the listener has understood what the presenter was seeking to convey.


  1. Switch roles and repeat the process.


  1. Work together to be prepare a summary of your experience to share with the class..



  1. Once you’ve completed the 8 steps above, write the central issue on the board.